Nature and Artifice,
the great photography auction
for San Patrignano

Thirty tree images have been donated to San Patrignano selected to interpret the meaning of “Nature and artifice” in a route of wide-ranging talks with contemporary time and with the themes of EXPO 2015 “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. It’s the new art project of San Patrignano, curated by architect Franco Origoni and Aldo Colonetti, inspired with a chiasmus to well-known essay “Artifice and Nature” by Gillo Dorfles. The idea came as a fundraising auction to support the community, though becoming much more. In other words, a cultural operation that takes the form of a coherent photographic exhibition, opening at Spazio Sanpa September 7 to 15 , in St. Erasmo 3 square in the heart of Milan, the auction will close the project on September 17 at Palazzo Clerici, preceded by a cocktail for guests .

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